Our Native Heritage

Native American Coffee is owned by Native Americans and the coffee is roasted by Native Americans.  We are proud of our heritage and the land we travel.

Our coffees are 100% Arabica Specialty Grade, hard bean coffees, always high-mountain grown at elevations of 4,000 feet and above.

Native American Coffee Roasters is a Native American owned & operated coffee roasting company, located on the Oklahoma Arkansas line in Indian Country.

We take pride in retaining the 'old fashioned' a full One Pound bag, Two and Five Pound bags sizes, instead of the normal 12 ounce bag you see in the typical packaging, in turn giving our customers more bang for their buck.

Native American green coffee is sourced from countries and native indigenous growers who grow their beans in a responsible manner to protect the lands and environment.

It is about honoring these traditions of our land and promoting clean water for generations to come. Applying the wisdom of our elders in an authentic and respectful manner that promotes the mind and spirit.

We employ many Native Americans, teaching them new skills to improve their lives through education and on the job training. We have Native Americans roasting the coffee and packaging the teas.  

Preserving a rich heritage in harmony with the spirit of protecting our land is our Native Tradition. The water and earth has produced and helped us live off of natural resources for generations with  green corn, wild onions, coffee, grape dumplings, hominy, bison, a little squirrel and some hog jowl(salted pork cooked over hickory coals). Our people wore clothing made of woven plants and animal hides.

Much of our coffee is still harvested in ways defined hundreds of years ago. Native Indigenous communities are a close knit group as many of them gather families and friends together annually to harvest the coffee, celebrate, and give thanks. 

We must preserve the land, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, as we have been taught by those who have come before us. 

Native American Coffee serves customers from coast to coast; Native American Nations, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Untied States Department of Prisons, Department of Defense, hospitals, hotels, casinos, consumers and many more.

We package our coffee in consumer size bags, commercial office coffee portion packs, pods, Keurig single cups and hotel in-room products.

MVTO for your business and support.

Bill McClure, CEO      My direct number is 1-800-344-Brew   Extension 102

A proud Muscogee (Creek) Citizen