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Chocolate Mint Tea

Chocolate Mint Tea

Native American Coffee

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Chocolate Mint tea has a fresh lively mint combined with full flavored chocolate tea.

Wonderfully reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. The combination of chocolate and mint is one of the most delectable flavors known to humankind. This tea is blended with one of the world’s finest black tea blends. A combination of high grown leaf from Sri Lanka’s premiere growing districts, from these lofty regions come from teas noted for their floral bouquet, astringent notes and bright coppery color.

  • This is a flavored black tea.
  • This is tea is composed of luxury black tea, Peppermint, Blackberry leaves and Natural flavors.
  • The recommended brewing temperature is 212 degrees fahrenheit.
  • The recommended brewing time is weaker < 3 min. / Regular Strength 4-5 min. / Stronger > 6-8 min
  • This exceptional chocolate mint black tea blend is the ultimate expression of the delectable pairing.