Egyptian Chamomile tea is very aromatic with fruity tending floral flavor. Chamomile is often sipped for relief of ailments ranging from toothache to insomnia it also has been known to cure a headache and is a natural relaxing herb. Like many teas and herbs chamomile should be consumed without the addition of milk but this does not preclude additives such as honey, lime, lemon, cinnamon etc. One of the fun things to do with a widely used consumer herb like chamomile is to make your own blend. Try chamomile with peppermint and call it Camomint Soothing Sleeper - chamomile provides the sleepy portion of your blend and the peppermint provides the soothing part (peppermint is known to soothe upset stomachs). Or what about Orange Dreams - combine chamomile with orange peel. The possibilities are endless - the main thing is - EXPERIMENT and HAVE FUN WITH TEA
  • Infusion: Tending light and yellowish.
  • Caffeine free herbal tea.
  • The recommended brewing temperature is 212 degrees fahrenheit.
  • The recommended steep time is 5-10 mins.
  • Makes a great iced tea.